Bottom Line

Back Of The House Kitchen Management System

Bottom Line Restaurant Solutions is a one of a kind kitchen management tool guaranteed to save money. Its order guide manager compares food purveyor pricing guaranteeing the restaurant owner gets the best product for the least amount of money.  Savings range from 8% to 12% every time they place an order, which adds up to be a substantial savings. Bottom Line’s inventory module makes it a breeze to know exactly what kitchen has on hand. The menu costing module is an extremely powerful tool that will maximize profitability per plate of food sold. This tool automatic adjusts each menu item based on the most recent food item purchase reflecting an up to date cost per dish. Bottom Line is an online tool that enables a restaurant to place an order from anywhere that has an Internet connection. This state of the art program is changing how restaurants manage their kitchens from single restaurants to multiple units.

How do you sell this?  By simply asking a question… do you spend more than $150k a year?  If yes, we can setup an online demonstration to witness what Bottom Line Restaurant Solutions can do.

Contact me for a full demonstration and visit Bottom Line at

Here is what a view of our customer have to say about Bottom Line.

Bottom Line saves me hundreds of dollars every week.  Every dollar I saved through price comparisons keeps more of the revenue in my pocket – profitability has never been higher.”

– Paul D’Angelo, D’Angelo’s


“I wanted to write you a quick thank you for the system that you provided to us.  It is worth mentioning again that this is a perfect tool for any restaurant that wants to save or should I say make money.”

– Doug Smith, Family Table Restaurant


“You guys have saved us so much. Any prospective client should call me and I will be more than happy to share the figures with them. They won’t believe the savings”.

– Jimmie Schindler, Bandido’s